welcome to triverse

We are a brand creative agency aimed at providing your business with a full spectrum of creative solutions to help grow your business.

Whether you are a new or established business, we apply an informed mindset behind every concept to create a meaningful brand design language.

We research key indicators related to your business in order to develop the best creative strategy and incorporate the right rational and emotional connect to reach your audience.

To ensure your business reflects an image of quality, we produce your content with impeccable attention to detail within a consistent set of guidelines uniquely tailored to your brand. We have been doing this since 2008 and while we have been at it, we have witnessed continuous growth in terms of our clients and our people.

Our creative services include all aspects of brand communication right from brand strategy to campaign development, across all traditional and digital media.

We look forward to being your trusted creative partner.


experience and expertise.
we have a history of both.

Triverse Advertising is founded by Suresh Tiwari, on the belief that brand communication is a decisive component to any businesses' long term growth and success. He repeatedly says "For compelling brand communication, the brands need to have a well thought out Brand Design language. It is our fundamental task to create this language, which our consumers relate to and are compelled to act."

Suresh’s experience spans nearly two decades on accounts of leading MNCs like Barclays Bank, British American Tobacco, Visa, Mars Inc., Glaxo Smithkline, Danone etc. During his professional career he spent 12 years in Grey Worldwide with initial years at Trikaya Grey Mumbai, followed by secondment to London and eventually setting up and managing Grey Worldwide in Mauritius. Thereafter and just prior to setting up Triverse, he was the business head of North India for SSCB Lintas.


The constant voice in his head that ‘there is a neater way and an efficient way of doing things’, led him to take the entrepreneurial plunge and start Triverse.

Being focussed and hands-on, Suresh virtually spends all the time in Triverse ensuring that every job from Triverse is of the desired quality. A believer in people, he is of the view that "Generally everyone has a potential and with the right mentoring and motivation they can out-perform."

With deep thirst for knowledge, he is often heard saying “I am still a student.”

the sole purpose
of triverse

To make your brand, a brand of choice.


the belief at

We believe that ideas cause change.

Clarity and simplicity are essential to generate these ideas.

We seek these by asking right questions, digging for consumer insights and being grounded.

We never try and sell work to clients which we do not love ourselves.

We believe in the strength of our people and their combined experience. Collectively we click.

And lastly we work till we enjoy it.


why triverse is ideal for entrepreneurs and emerging brands?

When you consider engaging a large agency for your business, you are concerned with their cost and also if it will be able to give appropriate attention, time and talent to your account. Or when you consider a small boutique agency to handle your business, your dilemma is if they have the required experience and expertise to grow your brand.

It is this gap that Triverse sets out to fulfil.

We work closely with entrepreneurs and emerging brands. We spend time with you to understand your vision and join you in your journey to achieve your objectives.

Most importantly, Triverse is led by an entrepreneur who along with his inspired team is passionate for what it does, with a drive to connect brands and people.

We are small with big agency expertise. We evolve quickly and are able to balance fast turnaround time with personal attention to all our clients. A team of multi-skilled individuals means smaller team on each project which translates into better value for you.